Chick Born with No Vent! What DO I do.

That sounds bad. I'm no expert but I think you might have to cull it.
Yes. PLEASE end it's suffering right away! (I have found that a sharp pair of shears is the fastest, kindest way for the chicky, cover everything with a paper towel so you don't have to see it and it'll be easier for you too).
No vent? I'm sure it will die and culling it would be the kindest thing. If it should happen to live can you imagine how mean it would be?
I certainly wouldn't want to go that way. Just because they don't sqwuak and carry on doesn't mean it's a pleasant way to go... JMO
Double check to see if there is no vent. The large belly with what would be holding in an asorbed yolk should have a "sealed up" naval spot. The vent should be just under the tail.
I'm so sorry.
What a terrible thing. Yes, cull immediately. It can't survive and and will only suffer. I favor the kitchen shears. It's a very quick and merciful end.
I second this - be absolutely certain of what you are seeing before you cull. Can you show a pic?

ETA - If you do a search for baking soda & vinegar, this is a humane way to do this without having to go through the kitchen shears thing. The shears are also quick (if they're very sharp), but I personally don't think I could do it. I have done the baking soda thing.
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Please listen to Silkiechicken, I've had a large-bellied chick before, sometimes they absorb a huge yolk, giving them a huge belly, to large to walk. Once the yolk is digested, the belly gets alot smaller. If you can, please post a picture of where the vent is/should be.

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