Chick deformed- kind of *update*


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Jun 1, 2008
I helped a chick, I know I said I wouldn't do it again but it was breech and everyone else hatched hours ago that pipped at the same time as this one. The problem is with being breech it's rump is to the side because there was no room in the small end of the egg. She just looks a little discombobulated. Are chicks like babies and things go back to where they belong that were squished in utero? It looks ok otherwise. I can't post a pic, sorry.

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How is the little one doing this morning? I would think that if it looks 'off', something is not right.....but that is just my gut.

I had the same issue with a breech as you know, Krista, and my dad culled it for me yesterday. (bless him) I helped the poor thing against my better judgement for the same reason you did. She was the first to pip and had her beak out but more than 24 hours later still wasn't out and the others were pecking at her beak. If I hadn't helped it and she definitely would have died. If that had happened, which it would have, because it would NOT have come out on its own, I would have been so upset that I didn't help. At least I know I gave it a chance.

It looked perfect, but never could get up and shook. I tell myself every hatch I am not going to help as it is nature's way. This is the second time I have helped in my hatches. The first one was a very happy ending and I have a beautiful Copper Black pullet because of it. The second was a not good ending.

From a breeding perspective, survival of the fittest really is important and I know that if they can't make it out of the shell, then something must be wrong, but it is certainly against the mommy in me not to help the little babies.
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I understand "not" helping hatchlings and not having the ability to leave it alone for nature to take care of, nor wanting to cull after I've helped nature out...

If a chick is not able to make its way, breach (missed that one from happening) then walk away, go do some chores, shopping or something, if its ment to be, it'll be.
If it is sitting there and not able to keep up with the others, the others may pick on it. Not a good sight either.

Sometimes it works outs...I am not even sure why I'm writing other then the fact that my heart pours out for you. I refuse to hatch chicks anymore broke up my incubator sent it to the dump. I cannot allow nature to take its course, end up broken hearted and mad at myself for interveining- grrrr.

Many hugs to you and your wee breached one.
Hope it works out for the best.
Morning update! Looks like a perfectly normal chick. It's umbilical is still to the side but looks like it moved a little to the center. I will keep an eye on it. It's shell was a little funny shaped and I think it just got confused. To be honest I didn't expect much. When I went to bed it couldn't even get up, though it tried. This morning it looks like a normal chick, walking around, pecking and messing with a newly hatched chick

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