Chick dry heaving?!?!

To me that looks like some type of breathing problem. Can you look into its mouth and see if there is anything there? Maybe use a qtip to see if anything blocking or feel if there is a blockage by gently feeling the outside of throat.

I hope the lil one recovers.
I think this could be an impacted crop from eating too many pine shavings, or possibly getting some feed stuck in the throat. Is the crop full and firm? Can you try to get the chick to drink water and then massage the crop?
I can't feel her crop at all. She hasn't eaten any solids in the last day and a half that she's been doing this. I've been force feeding her yoghurt and food paste with a dropper to give her some strength.

I've opened her mouth and looked in but I can't see anything. Just an empty throat :/ I can't feel anything in her throat when I massage it.

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