Chick feed question

Im not sure on how the feeds differ...but each feed is made specifically for the needs of that animal. If they had a little of it or thats all you had for them now im sure its ok. Not sure what you are asking, do you want to mix it?
I was considering having them in the same brooder to help the turkey get used to chicks, but I know turkeys need a higher protein feed (at least that's what I'm told, some people say they can eat the current chick starter fine{it's 20%}). I can't be at home all the time, when I am I'm watching over the chicks and wanted the turkey to stay with them because they are the same age, at least for a little, then it will go with some slightly older birds in the same room until it's big enough to brave the pens.

I was just worried if they could eat the same food or if I need to have it with separate feed.
Don't know if it's accurate or not, but I have heard that the turkey/ game bird starter with the higher protein is too much for baby chicks, and could have adverse effects on their livers?
I had a bad experience doing that. I had sent my husband to get chick starter at the feed store and the guy sold him game bird starter by mistake. I didn't notice until the chicks started dying. I lost half of the flock before I checked the bag. Once I got them on regular chick starter I didn't lose any more. I wouldn't chance it if I were you!

Sherry in GA
Okay, I wont give them a higher protein feed. I don't want the ones we have to go.

Anyone know if turkeys can eat to 20% that we give, or do I need to give it the higher protein? I'm not raising it for meat, just a lawn ornament, possibly show bird if it's of good quality. I want to keep it with the other birds, just the brooder is to small to be divided, maybe I can rig up a couple rubbermaids with wire siding so that they can see each other though. I'm wanting the turkey to get friendly with chickens because it will go in a coop right next to the chickens at night and also free range with them.
I've never had any trouble with my chicks eating 28% gamebird starter. I don't think I'd keep them on it indefinitely, but then turkeys don't need it indefinitely either.

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