chick got attacked unknown attacker


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015

3 1/2 month old got attacked on back of neck, this was after cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, it's sitting with me alert drinking a little but shaking a little, no blue kote available in area. what else should be doing?

got some triple antbiotic without pain, but it dont wanna let me do more right now than hold wrapped in a towel, they are inside the house where wont get chilled or picked on
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Do you have iodine or betadine? That can be used to disinfect and hide the wound. The ointment can then be applied over it. Do you have a rooster or older hens who could have pecked her? Feed her a bit of egg, and some feed with water added to get her to eat and more fluids into her. If you can place her in a cage with food and water inside the coop or run after a day or two inside, she won't be away from the flock long enough to have to re-introduce her.
got some betadine solution, and a cat carrier she will fit into

they\ve been in with the main flovk for a month now with out ant isses, but di have 2 roosters and 2 broodies, rooster took off after feral cat too

she\s standing up and complaing and pruning, a little harder to hid injury with here as she looks buff orpington but all white
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Betadine and triple applied, she's now in cage and eating plain scrambled egg and talking to the 2 month olds that are here cause to small to put in with main flock yet
Sounds like you have things under control. I hope she recovers well. Feathers usually grow back from a similar injury in a month or so.
she is calm and stopped shaking finally, the 2 month olds escaped their cage to go see her though lol, think i will keep her here in the cage as was pretty bad injury , she's being quite friendl to the little ones here and they will be ready to be introduced about time to reintro her to the flock

Thanks for the help
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so far so good, was worse than what it looked like, but it's slowly healing, she's isolated but can talk to the 2 younger ones that can't be introduced just yet. but on the mend without infection

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