Chick got dropped on its leg


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Apr 19, 2017
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A friend was holding Midnight, a lone(until thursday) week old today survivor of a batch of black australorps, and Midnight squirmed out of her hands and into a three foot drop onto the floor. Now she won't use one of her legs. She is eating and drinking, and seems alright except she keeps that leg pulled up all the time. It looks like it might possibly be swollen, but that could just be me overreacting. What should I do to help it heal?
I would just let her rest the leg. Hopefully it is just sprained, and it will heal. If she cannot stand and get to food, a chick chair with food and water in front may be of help. Pictures of her leg may be helpful to see. Are you getting another chick or two to keep her company? Some use small mirrors and small stuffed toys to keep them from getting lonely. Chick chair pictures are below:


Yes, tomorrow was the soonest we can get any chicks, and we have them reserved. She currently can hop around to get food and water. Would you recommend the chick chair or should I use it as a last resort? She has stuffed animals galore and a mirror.
Grrrr. Chicks coming in late. Tomorrow instead of today. And now we have company, so the brooder is in my room, so I can't ignore the incessant peeping. I know it sounds heartless, but she peeps all the time and I nee sleep, and she needs to sleep too. But the peeping is so heart wrenching!
She might just be adjusting her crop, but make sure that she is not getting too warm, and is taking plenty of water. If you are feeding anything other than chick starter which is not a good idea until they are a few weeks old, they need chick grit to help digest things like grass or other foods. Check her brooder temperature with an inexpensive thermometer--it can very from day to nighttime. The peeping can be normal or might be some type of distress.
Minight is doing much better. She is putting weight on her leg and is very feisty. We got more chicks! We have 1 of each: Gold wyandotte, silver wyandotte, barred rock, and a salmon faverolle.
Well, all the chicks have names!
So far we have, in pecking order:
Midnight, A.K.A Batchick(Black Australorp)
Buttercup, a.k.a. Boots(salmon fav)
Tiger(gold wyandotte)
Nicole(barred rock)
Peppermint Patty(silver wyandotte)

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