Chick hatched out this morning...having trouble standing and not active at all...what can I do???

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    Please help...

    I'm still fairly new to raising chickens and this is only my second hatch. I hatched four eggs yesterday and this morning. I moved them from the incubator to my brooder. 3 of them are doing well- very active, walking fine, and starting to peck at food. But one still can't walk she/he just flops around and I have found her on her back on more than one occasion. She chirps very loudly but I have not seen her eat or drink or poop. I know she could still be ingesting her yolk sac but I'm concerned that she cannot stand up yet. I checked her feet and there doesn't seem to be any visible deformities or reasons why she shouldn't be able to stand. She sleeps or keeps her eyes shut much more than the other chicks and just does not show any energy. When she tries to stand she leans to one side and just collapses.

    Is she just weak or is this an indication of a much bigger problem??? Any suggestions or advice is very welcome. Thanks!
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    You could try getting her to drink some sugar water and eat some cooked egg mashed up. Childrens poly-vi-sol can be given to chicks. Hope she makes it.

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