Chick hatched with yolk! HELP please.


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Jan 30, 2008
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Well I have a broody muscovie and its day 36, I went over there and there was two eggs that had pipped, or shall I say had a gash in the shell, when I came back later the female had stepped on one of the eggs, so I helped the duckling out to find it was a fully developed chick with ALOT of yolk left in a sac, I placed it into an incubator,... do you think it will be okay?

I sorta helped the other one out and it was fully formed, but the"bottom" of it and it looked formed, but had a small hole... is this normal?
Well, your situation is definitely NOT normal being that you've had an egg get smashed, however I have had some chicks hatch before with a small hole where the yolk is absorbed. There is a name for this however I cannot think of the name of it. Just watch to make sure it doesn't get overly dirty, and it should heal on its on.

As for the chick with the yolk that still wasn't absorbed... I'm afraid I can't help you much there.
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I wish I knew the answer... I am in the same boat right now. Chick with unabsorbed yolk... I have been doing a lot of research today and have come up with NOTHING.
Best of luck.

I try and limit the movement of a chick with an unabsorbed yolk sack. You can do this by putting them in a cup(with high sides) in the incubator. The chick WILL NOT be happy. But it can't snag the sack on the bottom of the incubator and no other chicks can step on it. Give it a few hours, and the yolk will finish absorbing.

Hope that helps... Good Luck...

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