Chick hatching problem. Ideas, please!


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Oct 23, 2014
At my Desk
Yesterday I was checking on the hatching progress of the eggs under my broody hen, and I noticed that a chick was choking on this brownish-yellow liquid that was literally pouring out of the egg. There were no veins left in the membrane, so I carefully opened up the egg so that the chick could breath. Later when I went to check on it it had hatched, but it seemed to have a bit of reddish yolk sack still attached to its abdomen, and there was a ton of that liquid left in the empty eggshell. Today it has mostly dried, except for a few places where the liquid made its feathers stiff and sticky. The red thing coming out of its abdomen has dried up, and is now reddish-black. I am hoping this is just yolk sack, not intestines? It is eating and drinking, but it is having a little trouble walking.
Should I take it off, of let it (hopefully) fall off by itself?

I have included a few photos that show the thing on its abdomen. Any help would be appreciated.

These 2 photos show how it looks different from the other chicks.


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