Chick hatching today 5/26/12


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
I've had 2 broody hens sitting for awhile, and finally their work is paying off!
Unfortunately they were only sitting on 2 eggs between them, and one died so there is only one :(
I thought the egg was due to hatch yesterday, so today i went out to check on it and candle it if s/he had not already hatched. I pulled at out from under mom. Immediately I saw a little hole in the egg and could hear the little guy pecking away... of course, I quickly put him back under mom
My guess s/he'll be out by the end of the day - pics to come when s/he's here!
Little guy still isn't out yet.. Made it through the membrane, but mom got up and accidentally went back to the wrong nest so now I'm a tad worried he may be shrink wrapped.
It's unlikely, but keep an eye on him. If he's not making progress over the next few hours, open she shell a bit more and put him back under mom. If the membrane gets stuck to him you can wet it a little bit. Just be careful when you do that, don't put water on the chick's face, you can drown it. Good luck.
Unfortunately the little guy didn't make it. He was alive this morning but the two hens swapped nests and in the process crushed the egg. Little guy was a pretty black color, too.

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