Chick having trouble standing and walking due to crop impaction

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    Apr 20, 2017
    Hi, I am new to this site and new to the chicken world. I have a baby chick my best guess she is about 2 weeks old. She has had a impacted crop which caused her head and neck to push to one side making it hard for her to walk. I treated the crop issue with applesauce and a few drops of olive oil. For the last 3 days and it has drestically improved but her neck is still twisted and she cannot stand up and walk without toppling over. Can anyone offer me any suggestions on what to do for her. She eats and poops well. I give her water drops every 20 minutes because she falls into her water and Im afraid she will drown. Any help would be appreciated. :D

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    I have only heard of adult chickens getting impacted crop, but you can feed butter and then tip the chicken upside down and massage the crop so that the food come out. Be careful so that they don't inhale it. I don't know if you can try this on a chick. You should probably look it up online to be sure. To ensure that they don't get it again, don't leave trash like strings to feed bags lying around, and don't encourage them to eat shavings. You cannot prevent them from eating long stiff grasses, but that is also something that causes impacted crop.

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