chick not coming out of shell


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Sep 9, 2010
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Do you ever have "shy" chicks?

I just started incubating eggs a month
or two ago..... so, am new to all of this..

I've been adding eggs to the incubator
as the ladies out the front laid them

so, eggs are scheduled to hatch at all
different times/days.

One egg was "supposed" to hatch on
October 23rd - day 21... nothing happened
all day...

the morning of the 24th (yesterday), there
was a little chip out of the shell... day 22

All day, that's all that happened... I've picked
up the egg for a moment and heard the wee
chick peeping inside...

October 25 (today) - day 23, there is still
no change in the hole in the shell..the chick
is still peeping inside...

Can I do anything to help it?

I know that the struggle to be born/hatched
strengthens the chick...

I'm not a worrier about much of anything but
this wee chick has me worried (I lost two a
couple of weeks ago because of my ignorance :( )

Will GREATLY appreciate some feedback... Love
my girls

Thanks Karen

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