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  1. I hatched a dozen chicks and one is just weird - it won't grow. the wings grew but he is still little and kind of hunched over. his feet seem ok and he can move around and he appears to eat and drink but mostly he just sits around. now i've put him in with new baby chicks. they don't seem to mind and he doesn't bother them. what is this and do you think he is just going to die? he's about 3 weeks maybe 4 weeks old.
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    Dec 5, 2010
    If he's able to get to the feed then there's obviously something wrong with his digestion. Coccidiosis is a possibility but so is runting-stunting syndrome, an e. coli infection, or some sort of congenital abnormality. A google of both should give you some ideas on how you might help.
    I find a small/runty chick rarely does well as an adult either, though with extra attention to the feed (e.g. probiotics, natural foods instead of GM) they can live a full life.
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