chick not letting me catch her

Dec 6, 2018
Clive, Iowa
So I've taken a liking to one of my chicks and have been handling her since she popped out her egg, and have been slowly gaining her trust. So far if I put her on me shell lay on my shoulder and when I call her to give her a treat shell come but lately if I try to pick her up (calmly) she won't let me/ starts to run. What am I doing wrong?
Most chickens don't like to be picked up. Keep offering treats and calling her, and encourage her to hop onto your hand or lap, and just don't pick her up at all for a while. When you finally do, put your hand under her rather than over her. Hold her suspended for a couple seconds then put her back down.
I have not spent much time trying to tame my chickens, but I don't really consider my backyard flock as pets, but not livestock either. So mostly they ignore me unless I show up with something good to eat. They will eat out of my hand, but that is about all I have worked on. They don't like it when I pick them up, and they run away from me if I try to catch them. That's OK, they know lots of things like to eat them.

As my chicks got older, they were less fearful of me. They will approach me if I have food for them, but otherwise they are content to keep their distance. I have read that is possible to tame most chickens, but you just have to work at it with them. Some breeds are naturally more docile than others. Good luck.

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