Chick pipping at wrong end


May 31, 2020
So this is my second clutch of eggs i am hatching for a friend, my last had a terrible hatch rate, but this hatch the first one has pip through but at the pointy end and is bloody! I have made sure his beak is at the hole so he can breath. Will he live? Is there anything I could do to help? I know it's not recommend to help the chick, but I'm trying to get most of these to hatch! It's also the 22nd day since they have been in the incubator!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


In the Brooder
May 29, 2020
I'm new to this but Friday 2 pipped on the wrong end yesterday after 24 hr of waiting, I assisted to help I did a little bit Evey 3-4 hour making sure to go slow and followed a few articles I found. They both have made it so far but one has a foot that does not move right . The other both feet are having issues and a small part of the yoke sac is still not inside ... Now I have made braces for the feet and have tried to reduce infection with iodine and gave them a little sav a chick water mixture... They both are weaker then the other 4 chicks that hatched natural with no issues... I have worked In my day job with special need so doing the extra care is something I'm ok doing ... However from what I've researched they maybe weaker the rest of their life if they make really know what your choosing... I did use a humidifier in the room of incubator to help lessen the lose of humindy when I did help them seemed to work will I helped the eggs 2 others hatched natural.. I did add a Tupperware for the eggs I helped so the would not be troubled by other chicks.....

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