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Greetings, everyone. I have six 4-5 day old chicks. All seem very happy and healthy. As they woke up this morning, one made an unusual poop. It was pinkish and had a "tissue" like texture. I didn't get a picture of it.

While I researched "normal" and "abnormal" chicken poops on BYC (and every poop chart I could find online), a chick (perhaps the same, perhaps a different one) did another of these poops, which I did get a picture of. The color balance is off because of the heat lamp, it's slightly redder than it appears in the pic, but not what I'd call blood colored.

I understand shedding of intestinal lining is normal in adult birds. Does it happen in chicks? None of the poop charts discuss chick poops. The chicks grow shockingly fast! It wouldn't surprise me if they did shed some.

We'll keep a close eye on them, but I wanted to see what the BYC community thinks! Thank you!

P.S. the initial thread editor isn't giving me an option to upload pics. I'll post and re-edit to try to get it posted ASAP.
Chicks can have intestinal shedding just like the adults. It would look similar - just "chick sized"
It's good to know my instincts as a new chicken person aren't wholly off base :)

I saw that one (among several other poop charts)... being from adults obviously they look different and I wanted to check. Thanks very much!!

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