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Apr 23, 2012
I have hatched a couple chicks that seem to be having problems its just the odd one here and there that dont seem to be standing up all the way there joint thats kinda like there knee seems to swell up and get rubbed raw and they eventually die it only seems to be happening to my buff ameracaunas. I dont know what to do... please help
Hi brahmamama2010,

I think this can happen when chicks hatch with slipped tendon or perosis. The hocks develop sores and infection very soon from being in such a moist environment (incubator) or from rough ground/wire floor.

I've never had luck treating slipped tendon, I'm sorry to say. However if you were going to try to treat it (presuming I'm correct -- which I might not be!) you'd need to both treat the sores/infection (if the hocks are swollen and red) and the tendon slippage. I'm sorry to say I've never had luck with slipped tendon chicks.

If it is perosis, I believe it has to do with deficiencies of certain minerals and/or vitamins in the breeder flock (which then leaves a shortfall in the eggs).

Sorry about all this, I may well be wrong, so listen to all advice.

best of luck
So what can i do to prevent this from happening? I hate hatching them snd then something be wrong because i didnt add a supplement in and these chicks suffered because of me.
Hi Brahmamama2010,

I'm sure you're doing everything right. These things just happen sometimes (for instance some birds have extra requirements for nutrients; or sometimes feed may be slightly older when purchased). Really there are just millions of ways feed can be a little low in nutrients, so it's not something to blame yourself for.

Gail Damerow says to toss a handful of dry cat food in the breeder pens for 2 weeks prior to collecting eggs, to make sure they're receiving the best nutrition. I don't know about this (have never tried it), but I know you can get soluble vitamins in various forms. However the easy way to solve this is to buy a specialist breeder feed. Specialist breeder feeds have extra vitamins and minerals added to ensure good eggs.

I never see perosis in chicks I hatch now. I'm not sure what it was related to in the past, but I do find that fresh food (eg. I mix my own sprouts, soured milk, protein meal, legumes and seaweed) seems to keep it from happening. However not many people could go to this trouble, hence the suggestion for a breeder feed.

Meanwhile you might google perosis or slipped tendon, so you can see for yourself if it sounds like the case with yours.

good luck

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