Chick Sale Gone Wrong!


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
I've had nearly 300 RIR chicks for sale for nearly 2 weeks now. Last week, this lady contacted me, said she and 3 other friends wanted to go together to purchase chicks from me. They wasted an entire afternoon for me by constantly calling to tell me what they wanted. Finally settled on 238 chicks, with most of those being RIR's with some Barred Rocks and EE's tossed in. I told them the price was $2 each and they agreed to it. They were supposed to pick them up today at noon.

Two of the people who wanted some of the 238 chicks changed their minds! I've been holding chicks for them all week!! The other 2 people paid had for theirs, but since all 4 were going in together, and they were buying ALL that I had, they asked me to give them a discount. I knocked a good chunk of change off the top of their total, and they said OK we'll bring xx amount tonight, please hold them until Saturday.

This morning the one lady calls me and she's livid. Said that 2 people backed out on them, didn't tell them until today, and she's so upset because she knows I could have had the chicks sold. She kept apologising, says she feels really bad about it, and asked if she could still come pick up hers and the other persons chicks up. I said sure.

I tell you, she gets here and she's breathing flames! She and I agreed that the discount was now void, and we figured how many chicks she could get for the money she had paid. I offered to let her take the chicks she originally wanted at the discounted price, but she refused, insisted it wasn't fair to me since I had to feed them the extra week, etc.

She had called the other guy and said, "You paid x amount so you're only getting x amount of chicks." I was ROTFL because she really was more upset than I was. I did tell her on the phone before she came out that I was not going to refund any money that was paid down on the chicks, especially since I had held them all week. She agreed with me and said you shouldn't refund anything! She was worried that this was going to reflect on her and she didn't want a bad deal between us, as she wants to purchase from me again later.

I told her no worries, I will sell the chicks left over to someone else, and that I hoped she enjoyed her chicks. She left here muttering a few expletives aimed at her "Friends" who didn't follow through. I couldn't help but laugh. Really, I couldn't be upset, as she was upset enough for 10 people!

As she was pulling out, she rolled down her window and hollered an apology to my husband as well, and said she was really sorry for the inconvience.
that's funny how she was more mad than you were!
Wow! For a transaction that went wrong, I think it turned out pretty well! I wouldn't want to be her friends that flaked out!
awww poor lady ( and you ). I've been in the middle of stuff like that and NEVER again. It's not fun being the poor sap who gets stuck having to call and apologize like crazy to the person you've severely inconvenienced.

My rule of thumb as a seller ( because of numerous no shows and broken promises ) is first come first served and I can't hold anything.
Yea, we have changed our thinking on holds. We've put on our website that we'll hold chicks for 24 hours with a non-refundable deposit of 25% of purchase total. No more holding chicks longer than 24 hours, no pricing discounts based on volume of purchase, etc.

I really felt bad for the lady who came to pick up the chicks, because she was the one left to explain things and apologise, and it wasn't her who originally contacted me for the chicks! She learned about my chicks through one of the people who bailed!
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Welcome to one small pice of my world. Really she sounds like a great lady. im hatching 600 for someone have 25 off now and 60 starts hatching in a few days brooder has chicks in it and cant put new hatches in with the big ones and cant get mad guess what i forgot to do
call to tell him im hatching so he now trying to get ready and every thing will be ok my second brooder will be in monday. Its all good tho now he can pick up more chick at one time.
I'm actually pretty impressed with the woman who did show up. Seems to me she had an opportunity to be as much of a flake as her friends, especially since she wasn't your original contact. Nice to see someone recognize they have responsibilities, even if the deal isn't exactly what they planned for.

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