Chick seems to sleep a lot and not as active - is it ill?

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    Jun 7, 2010
    My chick is 14 days old. He has had a gooy eye for about a weak. Today he/she isn;t moving as much and doesn;t seem to want to be as active or eat as much.
    Is it sick? I have been bathing the iky eye as instructed a few times a day with clean water and a cotton wool ball. It seems to have improved but chick is still very tired a lot.
    This one had to be helped to hatch and it was weak to start with but has been running about and eating yogurt and seeds and all sorts in the past week and a half. Its also been outside for a while with all the other chicks but doesn;t go under mum to warm so is in the brooder with another chick we had to help.
    Any thoughts? Should I be worried or just let it rest and see?????
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