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Apr 27, 2009
I need some advice. I have a chick that was fine on Monday evening and dead late Tuesday night. I am at a loss. They have all been acting fine. No diahhrea or anything. This one was acting lethargic yesterday evening so I decided to isolate him last night. I got up this morning and he is dead. I had taken his food away from him overnight to make sure his crop was working correctly. I did leave water in there with him though. They were hatched about May 17th. They are not on cedar, they are fed chick feed. I am wondering if I need to go ahead and give the rest of the chicks antibiotics. I did have a RIR hen die about a week ago but I think that was a crop issue.
Awww I'm sorry! Did he have pasty butt? If there was nothing else wrong that you could see, he might have been a failure to thrive! Sometimes they just pass for no reason that we can see. He could have had internal problems thet were not visible on the outside. I would not use antibiotics on them unless you know what you are treating. If you use them too much they will not work when you really have a bad problem. I say watch the rest of them, if there are anymore looking sad, give it some yogurt or/and some Poly-vi-sol vitamins (without iron).

I hope the rest continue to thrive!!
No pasty butt. I was worried because he was lethargic and I watched him for quite a while and he didn't poop at all. I took a warm cloth and massage his rear to see if that would help. He did let some clear/yellow/white poop. Very runny. He had started growing his feathers and everything. I hope I don't lose anymore. Thanks for the information.

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