Chick Treats Question: When and What?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Criskin, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Criskin

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    I feed my babies (now 5 days old) chick starter and they are thriving but I would like to hand feed them treats to help tame them. I've heard of giving them grass clippings, different fruits and veggies and even worms and bugs but I've also heard that earthworms can somehow give chicks roundworms and that their little digestive systems aren't ready for such a variety of foods until their feathered out. What do ya'all think? Does anyone here feed their chicks treats and if so, at what age is it safe to start and what is healthy for them?
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    I have a mamma hen taking her chicks (now 2 weeks old) all over the place scratching up bugs, eating weeds/grass/plants, scratching through the compost, sharing mealworms and steak tidbits - so I think that if they can find it, they can eat it. I suppose a diet of 100% chik starter might be the 100% "scienticifically correct" diet for optimun growth/health of a chick? Last year when I first had chicks, I never allowed myself to give them treats, but they were inside in a brooder. These little guys are out and about and seem fine.
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    ours have had treats from the start, and are thriving! Try giving them plain yogurt.. I mix it in with their chick start so it's not so messy. They love it, and its really good for them. It has lots of good bacteria that helps aid in digestion, and boosts their immunity. [​IMG] also, put a teaspoon of apple cider vinager in their water, it helps their little bodies absorb nutrients, and also helps with their digestive system.[​IMG]
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    Be careful with grass, it can clog their crop. It really is best just to give them yogurt or boiled egg chopped up fine for the first few weeks. If they are outside they are picking up rocks and stuff but you will need to give grit for other treats if they are inside and not free ranging. Don't do too much for a couple of weeks, I lost one giving stuff too soon.
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    I'm so sorry! [​IMG] Its so hard not to spoil them..
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    Fun and food in one wriggly package.
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    I gave our 2-3 week old chicks some crushed animal crackers, they also get bugs from around the coop. We have a momma hen with them, and I think she knows what's good and bad for them. I threw some watermelon rind in the coop, which, normally, momma hen knows is a treat. But, with the chicks, she kept growling at it and keeping them away. She did peck off some pieces for them, but I think she knew whether or not that was good for them. Just a thought, I wasn't really sure! They haven't gone outside, yet.
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    Quote:I stopped by a local pet store and picked up some grit and meal worms. You are right, they LOVED them! I try not to give them too much so that they will eat plenty of chick starter, but hand feeding them their new favorite snack has become the highlight of my day.

    Thanks everyone for you suggestions. I can't wait to try them all!
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    Jun 8, 2009
    My chicks are four weeks. Since week two, I've been making a mash of this:

    plain yogurt
    hardboiled egg
    kashi grain cereal

    Chopped fine.

    They LOVE It. I whistle when I'm about to serve them and they come running.
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