Chick Treats


8 Years
Jan 25, 2011
Romeo, MI
My little babies are 1 week old!

I'd like to start giving them some treats other than egg yolk, what else can they have that doesn't also require adding grit to their diet? Or what kind of grit can I offer? I feel like the normal poultry grit I give the big girls would be too big for them? Is it?
Chick grit is available. As for treats--if they were out with mama they would eat what ever she found for them. Mine were fighting over little pieces of steamed fish today.
You can give them bits of greens, blobs of yogurt, any bugs you find just toss them in! You can make a pot of grits, spread it in a pan, let it cool, then cut it up into bite-sized squares and give it to them a little at a time. There's plenty out there that counts as a treat!

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