Chick update and a question


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
So...i've never had chicks fresh from "the box" hot do i keep the bator for the first 24 hours and is it normal for them to not be real active from exerting so much energy or should i give a little sugar water? He/she is drying nicely and starting to show some color, i'll wait a bit longer before i take any more pics.

Just keep the incubator the exact way it was during hatch.

No need for temp. changes/etc.

Getting out of that egg is alot of work! It's normal for them to be

tired when they finally get out. A bit of sugar water wouldn't hurt,

though. But you need to wait until the chick is fully dried and

ready for the brooder. It's recommended to put about 3 tablespoons

of sugar per quart of water.

Congradulations on the new baby. S/he is goreous!
Thank you, its been almost 5 hours, do you think s/he is dry enough for a bit of water? I got tired just watchin the lil one break free >still singing the whole way mind you<
Usually I'll leave mine in the incubator for a full 24 hours,

but as long a S/he is dried, I don't see any reason why you couldn't

go ahead and offer some water. Be sure theres no other pips in the

incubator, and quickly snatch Her/him out and put her/him in the

brooder. They don't have to eat or drink for a full 3 days after hatching,

because they live off of the ubsorbed yolk.
Ohh more pips as she/he was a lonely egg my silkie kicked out, i candled it looked dead i left it on the kitchen counter for nearly 12 hours to run errands, decided to check it just 1 more time before taking it for it's last walk to the woods and it moved!!! It was in the "faux-bator" and did wonderfully! I even put its 3 day older clutch mate in the bator yesterday for a while to try and talk him/her out of its shell! I'm just tickled pink it's hatched since my hen and 2 other clutch mates were killed tuesday night and my roo is hanging on by a thread, was going to cull him, but apparently he has different ideas since he's eating drinking pooping and attacking the livin crud out of me if i try to get near him. So i decided to let him live until he decides he's ready to give up or he can no longer inflict injury on me and run and hide. Cruel to a degree, but his will to live is incredible. Soooooo i'm boiling water now going to make some sugar water >takes me back to boiling water for my daughters bottles< I'll offer a wee bit once it cools. Thank you very much.
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