Chick w.broken toe & no balance.


9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
My Coop
My Coop
Three days ago I secluded my SL Wyandotte chick from the rest of the flock because I noticed she was not eating or standing. I checked and saw that her inner toe was broken. I splinted it-- but am concerned that she seems to have no sense of balance. I have tried supporting her and encouraging her to sit while supported but it's like she has vertigo. She will flop over and begin kicking her legs.

I've also noticed that when I do put her down on her feet her legs actually cross each other toes pointed in and she is rigid and standing STRAIGHT up. I have to stroke her and ease her down into a sitting position at which point she just flops over.

He appetite is good so long as I hand feed her food so I've been giving her drops/no iron and water and chick starter mush.

Does this sound like anything serious?

Maybe she's been drinking Rum when I haven't been around and is just falling over drunk? (I kid!) Sorry-- seriously though-- any ideas?


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Aww.. I feel bad, I am of no help to u.. Sorry bout ur lil girl
hope she gets better
I'm wondering if this could be Mareks? No sign of any red lesions. No stuffy butt. She is just weak and keeps falling over. Toe is still splinted..

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