Chick way to skinny pls help!


7 Years
May 30, 2012
Hi, im new to these site but i dont know anywhere else to ask because in my country vets dont tend farm animals here in the city. My chick is about 3 months old, about 2 weeks ago he got a cold for which i treated him with antibiotics. He got better (stopped sneezing and breathing heavily) and he looked better. The problem now is that he has stopped growing!!! He is very skinny (y can feel the keel and other bones of his body), he hasnt featherd completely and he is allready 3 months. I see him eat and drink, but he sleeps all day and night. Usually when i present him with treats he chirps happily and eats it all, for which i could say that he still has energy. But still he is too skinny and today he seems a bit down. Ah, his droppings look normal, so i wouldnt think its something intestinal. Is there anyway to know what he has without having to go to a vet? couse i know here i wont get attention for a chicken.
Please help me T_T

Welcome to the BYC forum. I hope that your chicken will get better. It could be a couple of things.

First of all, thee are on-line vets that can help you--- You could do a google search.

Next, just guessing some possibilities. If the country you are in has a warm climate, and you chicken is exposed to soil or eats insects, your chicken could have contracted some internal parasite like a round worm for example. So one consideration is worming your chicken.

Second sometimes the feed we give them isn't exactly what they need. Do you have access to a feed store that supplies feed for chickens? If you don't there is a bit of a challenge...because chickens will grow healthiest with sound nutrition through their early development. And last but not least, some breeds of chicken are very slight. So it may seem different from let's say a chicken that you would encounter is the market.

Post back with the type of chicken you are concerned with, and perhaps an idea of the feed that it gets. Perhaps even a picture. BYc is a good place to put the questions out there and try to get ideas from members.
Thk you so much for your answer, sadly my chick passed away last night in my hands T_T. I think it was a bad idea to get a chick in winter... next summer ill get new chicks and hopefully the warm climate will make it easier.

Thk you.
So sorry... unfortunately we have had that happen a couple of times. I don't think there's much to prevent it. However, ours usually stopped growing at about 2 days of age. Strange. I don't know if there's a name for it, but I call it "Dewey syndrome" because the first chick it happened to for us, we named Dewey. She seemed just fine, except she stopped growing completely. Gradually she got weaker and weaker until she died.

So sorry... I'm not sure if there's anything to prevent this.

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