Chick will eat but wont drink?


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My 1 day old chick is eating a lot and seems to sleep more than the others. It was drinking fine the first night, but today i've yet to catch it drinking and when I put its beak in the water it just peeps and wiggles away.
I've already lost a chick due to not drinking and I don't want to go through this again, but that chick wasn't even eating. Will he drink on his own time? Or is there something I should do? (The other chicks find the water just fine and it has Life-Lytes in it)

Edit; Moved it in with the other chicks and hopefully 4 other chicks drinking will influence him. This water is bigger but no Life-Lytes in it. He'd hop next to the water, but will only look. This wouldn't be a problem if again he hasn't been spotted drinking all day.
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Ok. I'm not an expert on poultry sickness, but that chick needs water. Use an eye dropper with lukewarm water, open the chicks beak carefully, and give it the water it needs. Hold her head back so she swallows, but be careful not to get any in her nose. Do this once an hour. Good luck :)
With a day old chick, you can dip it's beak into the water for a second, then let it swallow. This is done easily by holding the chick in your hand, and using your index finger to tilt the head down into the water. That way he can't get away. You can do this several times an hour, and I find this more safe than dropper feeding.
Thank you both! Ive been dropper feeding but like the one that didn't make it he just wiggles away and shakes off the water. I'll try putting his beak in and see if he'll start drinking then!

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