Chick with a tic


7 Years
Apr 16, 2012
I have an almost 6 week old RIR that seems to have a bit of a tic/twitch problem with her head. I first noticed it a couple weeks ago, but she could have possibly had it before that and I attributed it to itchy feathers, etc. She has always been off in her own little world doing her own thing- she seems a bit "slow" in some ways. :) But she's very active and seems to be healthy. Is this something that is really wrong (disease), or could something have happened to her as a just-hatched chick to cause this?
I'm no help as I don't know but I'm sure someone will. Did you get her from a hatchery or hatch her yourself?
The local mill had her, but we have five others from them and they are fine. I believe he said they get their chicks from McMurray Hatchery??
The only thing I can think of is lice or mites. Check her vent area, under wings etc (I think you can see them better at night when the chick is sleeping). I have a hen battling lice right now and she twitches her head often. The others don't do that.

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