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    Yesterday I noticed one of my 10 day old chicks was straining to poop. And making little noises as she strained. I searched this site for answers to constipation and found those threads. So helpful! :) So....I ended up getting a bit of coconut oil and a tiny bit of yogurt in her and used a syringe to dribble some water into the side of her beak. After an hour or so she was still straining and had managed to do just a tiny drop of poo. So I got the syringe and carefully got a bit of coconut oil in her vent. I also isolated her into a clear tub right beside the tub the other chicks were in with her own heat source because it seemed the other chicks were aggravating her as she strained. Finally after about two hours of working with her...results! She pooed a little and then got frantic to be with the other chicks so I put her back with them and fed them all mashed boiled egg with a bit of grit sprinkled on top. Also put electrolytes and probiotic in their water. She didn't want to eat or drink at first but because the other chicks were so excited over the egg, she finally joined them and ate and drank. Before I went to bed last night she had pooed twice more...little bits and was no longer swollen. This morning I watched her poo little hard bits and she is just not as energetic as the other chicks who are bouncing like popcorn. Any thoughts on what else I can do for her? I am used to nursing sick parrots and my instinct says to isolate her again and up her heat and hydration. I guess I am wondering what else I can give her to get the works going well. I just looked at her as I finished this post and she seems to be moving around better with the other chicks now and not hanging in the warm corner now so maybe isolation is not necessary. Thanks for all advice!
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    Make sure you have both warm and cool areas in the brooder. Too warm can be worse than too cool.
    My suggestion is to continue the probiotics. I put Gro2Max in all chicks first water and weekly thereafter.
    Chicks brooded by mother hens will get probiotics from their mother's feces. Chicks artificially brooded won't have any goodies in their gut unless we provide them.
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    Good idea about probiotics....Thanks!

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