Chick with crusty eyes...need information/opinions...

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  1. I have a mille fleur chick that is about 10 days old. Since the day it hatched it has had crusty eyes. If I put polysporin over his eyes twice a day, then they are fine. As soon as I stop, they crust right up again. No other symptoms of anykind.

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    you might need to switch to terramycin eye ointment..

    first state vet supply has other ointments..
    could be conjuntivitis..
    or could need some Tylan for mycoplasma infection.
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    Sounds like a Pantothenic Acid/Biotin deficiency....
  4. Quote:William...what do you suggest to treat? I didn't treat his (yep, it's a little cockerel) eyes this morning but tonight there is a little bit of matter in one of them and it's starting to crust so I treated just that eye. Maybe he'll outgrow it now that he is eating chick starter??
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    great question-- I have one like this-- I have been washing them out.I did 10 days of terramycin and terramycin eye oinment-- but no change. I have it on heat still indoors and with cleaning often with saline they are staying cleaner. No one else has a problem.This is a momma raised chick.The only hting I could figure out was possibly e.coli from the hutch being dirty from 2 hens brooding and having 13 chicks in it.
  6. This baby was hatched in our bator and put directly into a clean/sanitized brooder inside our house. I'm going to start this chick on poly-vi-sol twice a day for a week and then taper off and see if it makes a difference.

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