Chick with difficulty walking


11 Years
Sep 6, 2008
Holly, Michigan
I have an almost 3 week old Welsummer chick from MPC. It arrived with several others, and all seemed well. At just before 2 weeks of age, I noticed this one having difficulty getting around. I have always had my chicks on pine shavings from the start, and never had any problems. So, this is the footing I chose to use again. It almost seems as though this chick's legs are desperately weak, and like she can't get them under her properly. I did isolate her into her own cage, with her own food, water and heat lamp. I just don't know what to do for her. She does waddle with a lot of effort to get to her food and water. I have tried to "bicycle exercise" her little legs, thinking that may strengthen them. but, this seems to hurt, and I don't want to cause further damage or pain. I just don't know how to make her better, or how she'll survive as she gets bigger. She is much smaller than the chicks her same age, so I know she isn't thriving as well, despite the fact that she's still eating and drinking. Does anyone have any ideas or advice? I just am at a loss. Thanks in advance.
Do they look normal? Do you have a picture? Have you tried vitamins and electrolytes in their water? Could it be spraddle leg, where the legs are too far apart to be able to walk comfortable?
Posting a pic is the best thing to do.
Thanks for the response. I will try to get a good picture, but there's not much to see in a photo- it just looks like she's laying down. It's not spraddle leg- they aren't ou to the side, but more just pushed out front. I have vitamins in the water of all the chicks.

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