Chick with dislocated knees?


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Nov 15, 2009
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I just got my batch of beautiful baby Ameraucanas from Pips&Peeps (who is awesome, btw). They took longer than anticipated to get here, and one of them has both legs that look like they were broken/dislocated at the knee. S/he is so healthy otherwise, I'm wondering if I get on it now if I can fix it(?) I think she was at the bottom of a chick pile for too long!

It isn't spraddle leg - I checked that out. The legs are fine until the knee, and the knee is swollen & the lower legs go out to the side a little. She isn't using them at all...just hobbling on knees & wings. Anyone ever have luck fixing this, and if so, what did you do?

Tried the band-aid spraddle-leg thing...and it didn't seem to help. I have seen posts about q-tip splints, but I think a picture of such a contraption would help me a lot...if anyone has one?
I had one that acted like that when a few days old, walked on her hocks with bad balance, but she started out walking fine! I built her a little area with wire mesh on the side of the brooder, with her own food and water, and a feather duster. She was getting run over by the others. I gave her poly-vi-sol (without iron) diluted by half, one drop twice a day, by her beak. After about two days she was getting better and really wanted out--so I let her out and she has been fine since.

Here is a great article on chicken orthopedics also, as I'm not sure what is wrong with your chick:
Thanks chook!! I was about to resign myself to culling the little guy. I will read over the orthopedic info and give him the vitamins. I figure if he's going to keep trying, I'll make the effort for him.
This is great info
I'm going to go home and make a chick chair for my little rascal
thanks for the help (I have another thread about a 2 week old that showed up with trouble all of a sudden)
Yeah - I'm definitely hanging on to that link! Heartfelt good wishes to you and your little baby
So what ever became of your little chick did it recover? I have 2 little partridge silkies that hatched yesterday, they were a day later than everybody else and they each have a leg problem also but different legs. I have a rubber mat in the bator and no other chicks have this problem.

They both seem to have the problem that you were talking about. Not really spraddle leg, because it seems that they don't want to put any weight on the leg at the joint/knee area. I am treating for spraddle leg but it seems like it is not working because they are not placing any weight on that side. Currently I have them seperated from the rest and otherwise they seem healthy and happy.

Trying to figure out how to help them.

Any help would be appreciated.
OK so now I just looked in on them again and both are trying to walk with one leg, and they seem to almost be able to. They both keep their one bad leg up in the air and do not attempt to put any weight on it. There is no way that they broke it in the incubator. They hatched this way.

Anyone also have this problem?
Sadly, mine didn't make it.
But, it had BOTH legs affected, and it happened in the mail, so by the time it got to me, it had been a little while. I think if you can get to it early, you might be able to fix it.

Did you check out the orthopedic link in the above post? I think it also shows how to re-set a dislocated knee...which was probably what was wrong with mine, it had just been too long for the legs to be able to re-set.

Good luck with your little ones!

ETA - be sure to read over that link - it has lots of good info!! Something about "twisted leg" that may apply to your babies.
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