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Hello all,
I just recently got my fifteen chicks, but I want to get RIGHT to the point, so: One of my chicks has an infected bum. Or so I beleive. I have a picture of it, but it's NOT a very good one. Here it is, and any help on how to help her (the chick) would be great:

So, what do you think? Thoughts, comments, help, etc. are appreciated.
- Louie
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One of my chicks just had the same thing. I cleaned him off, put some antibiotic ointment on it and separated him from the others. Unfortunately, he died this afternoon...wouldn't eat or drink. I hope someone can answer your questions for you!
Somebody had a chicken with a big red swollen but like that and the doc said it was a kidney infection and the diarrhea from it was irritating the behind. The doc put the chicken on antibiotics. So I'd start getting some antibiotics down her what you have then look around here for the most appropriate one.
I recently got my new chicks as well and one of the chicks' vent was awkwardly protruding about the 4th day. The other chicks were picking on it relentlessly and I culled it. You might consider the same.
IMO it's just best to put her down. I don't think antibiotics will treat something like that, and as Nancy said, you don't want to overwelm their system. They're just too young.

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