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    So, I received 4 chicks from MPC early Tuesday morning and I'm a bit disappointed. 2 of the chicks suffer from pasty butt as well as other issues, despite the fact I've offered electrolytes/ vitamins in their water, fed plenty of protein both in the feed with the addition of chopped up hard boiled eggs and organic plain yogurt, and kept the temp steady around 92-4*, which I thought was a little low for 1 week olds, but everyone said heat was causing the pasty butt. On top of the pasty butt, one chick arrived with 2 broken toes and another arrived with some sort of eye deformity or injury that's only gotten worse (pictured above). The other seems just fine.

    I'm not quite sure what MPC would do if I told them, because I'm pretty sure the broken toes must have occurred during transport. Either way, I'm emailing or calling them tomorrow.

    But, does anyone know what's going on with this baby's eye? Is there anything I can do? Is one chick hurting the others or something? I'm getting really frustrated because I'm having a lot of problems with these chicks, which I guess is just luck of the draw because 2 summers ago, when I did this last, I had no problems. *sigh*

    I really appreciate any and all assistance.
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    May 16, 2011
    Can he open his eye at all? If not then open it yourself and look to see if it has a scratch, cut, or if they eye (the colored part) is Grey or cloudy looking.
    It may have happened in shipping, all the moment during shipping and that poor little guy may have gotten poked in the eye.
    Clean it out with warm saline solution, then put antibiotic eye ointment on it (you can buy at any local farm shop).

    As far as the broken toe...poor thing may of jammed it during shipping. take a band-aid and with sticky side facing up, place the bad foot and toes on it. Straighten out the toes then wrap the band-aid up and over to form a "shoe"
    Press the band-aid together between all the toes. Try to geek it clean an dry and change as needed. [​IMG]

    Best Wishes,
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    Thanks for the info! I made the "shoe" for the baby when I got him, so hopefully those toes are healing up a little. The other one isn't opening his eye at all, but I'll see if he'll let me look at it.
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    Apr 12, 2009
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    I tried to open his eye and I couldn't. It's almost like it's been glued together by tears. [​IMG]

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