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I was wondering if any of the experts can help me out. "He" started out walking on his elbows, but is getting stronger after a few days of "therapy". ( I place his brother a few feet away on the carpet, and urge him to walk to him while supporting his weight a bit.) He seems to be a bit pigeon toed, and walks with a swaying gait, almost like a peg leg pirate. I am wondering if there is anything else I could be doing to help him be able to walk and stand more comfortably and normally.

The chick on the right is the limping one. (His eyes are open and bright, but his cheeks are so fuzzy they flare up across his field of vision.) His standing angle 90 degrees, is really different than his brother 45 degrees.


In this one you can see his swaying gait.


and here you can see the left foot pointing in somewhat. The normal chick is on the right this time, and you can see the toes pointing out parallel. The left limping chick has his foot angled in somewhat, and their angle of stance is different.


But he is still able to fight over hte best tasting crumble available!

Are those textured paper towels like Bounty or Brawny types you have them on? It is hard to tell in the pic, but if it is something smooth, get them off of it and get them on something textured. A smooth surface can cause foot/leg issues.

You can find information about leg issues by clicking here.
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Good call. They are high end Viva paper towels, but not quilted in any way. I've changed them out to a bath towel for tonight. Tomorrow I can change to pine shavings, but I was hesitant to use shavings because he is having trouble lifting his feet.

Someone suggested shelf liner. Can their toes get stuck in the crevices?
I have never tried shelf liner. I take it you mean the rubbery, non-slip stuff and not the decorative slick stuff. You can get them in different textures and I have some with very tiny holes and some with square holes that are larger. The smaller holes I would say probably wouldn't be a problem at all. The square holes would be more likely to catch toes, but I really don't think it will be an issue. I would try it. It may be easier on your chick that's having a hard time than shavings and you can easily get enough to have two sets to rotate out when one needs cleaned.

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