chick with limp feet? pls help!

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    Apr 30, 2017
    I recently incubated a bunch of new chicks, but soon realized that one of them had 2 feet that seemed completely useless! Their toes are curled in and the poor thing has been walking on the middle of their leg. I would appreciate if someone would help with this issue ASAP, I have attached a photo of their feet

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    I think @Farmer Connie might be able to help you with trying to fix the feet.
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    I am going thru an identical situation at this very second. 5 mins ago mixed up a solution of vitamin E, vitamins & electrolytes with a couple drops of nutridrench. Sucked it up into a drench syringe and squeezing out about a teaspoon into the cup of my palm and dipping it's beak into the fluid. Then I have placed rolled up wash cloths with rubber bands to keep 20180402_175204.jpg 20180402_175057.jpg them tight. Kind of made a brace of sorts to keep it on it's feet to exercise them to build strength.
    To be honest, I don't think mine is going to make it.
    Nutrition is a must for development. Water ain't gunna cut it.
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