Chick with Wry Neck Treated.


7 Years
Feb 23, 2012
Thank you very much. I have been so busy nursing them that I have not been online in a few days. I feel as though I am losing the battle. This morning, their wings seem to be out of place. Not sure if it is b/c they are growing wing feathers and therefore trying to use them but do not have the ability to use them b/c of their coordination issues.


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
timblin pa
Hi, I did not get to see the video. I have 3 (2 roosters and one hen) Rebel started with loss of balance, when he would go down to eat, he would fall over and roll down the slope. I brought him in and it was as though he could not see - had food there but pecked every where except where food was. hand fed and after a few weeks, he was doing fine. the second started acting same about the time Rebel was recovering so switched them out after cleaning enclosure (and cleaning shelter outside) Now Henry cannot stand, head pretty much stays down so have been using eyedropper for water,electorlytes and vitamins also mix crumble with water and he eats that readily making sure he can swollow. I make sure too crop is full before I put him up. Started with just a small filled crop to make sure was emptying okay-did not want him to chock or that it harden. So this has been going on a bit over a month and though he can kick his legs, move his toes, flap his wings and at times raise head a bit, he cannot stand on own. Yesterday a hen died though with her, just like she was cold. she left the porch when I went to get her to bring in and was out in yard so was walking around okay, head fine. but died a few hours after brought her in. Rebel is doing great, getting to be his old onery self outside. Did not know if Marek (spelling) or genetic for Rebel is the father of Henry and Winkie (female) friend who gave me the chickens a couple of years ago also lost a male (brother to Rebel) last month. Vet I go to is at a loss course he does not treat a lot of chickens. Suggestions? just keep up what I am doing? what does one use to clean with (I scrubbed with vinegar - the shelter/coop) oh and they are free range going into shelter at night and when incliment weather. did find toadstools/shrooms in yard though do try to keep up with. sorry so long. want to eat eggs after I get a flock going but is okay? well will close and thank you for your time. love your "town" sheriff.



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Jan 2, 2014
Ok What are you treating this chick with? I hatched some eggs for a friends kid and the first one has a wry neck. I just need to know what to buy.

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