Chick won’t open eyes

Feb 23, 2021

On Sunday (21/02) afternoon, when I came home, I found a newly hatched chicken stuck in the coop on the edge of a hole the hen had dug (hard to describe the situation in words - hopefully its clear enough). The chick had soil on it, including around its eyes, so I used a cotton swap to clean up the dirt, and took it inside. It was mostly successful, and it had opened both it’s eyes. However, by Monday evening, they were closed again, and have been closed all of today (Tuesday). I have been assisting it in drinking water, but I have not seen it eat. I just gave it some honey dissolved in water at the suggestion of another thread (which said sometimes chicks do not have enough energy to open their eyes so some sugary water can help). Does anyone have any suggestions? Are it’s eyes closed because of the soil still, or could it be something else? It chirps very loudly sometimes so I wouldn’t think it is necessarily low in energy, but I am not very experienced in chick raising, so I could be wrong. Any advice is appreciated.

Flat Earth

Apr 15, 2017
Hi SAbackyardchickens and Welcome to the BYC

Not seeing the chick, my guess the dirt scratched eyes and the chick is having a hard time to open the eyes, and keep watch if there is any discharge from the eyes. I had some sand fly in my eye, i could not open for while, being just hatched it be able to live a day or so since it got the food from the egg after was hatched. hang in there.
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