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    Nov 1, 2009
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    I have a silkie rooster (1yr) acting odd. He is sorta in a daze and does a head jerking motion. At night i keep him and a couple other silkies in a pen with some other younger birds. Now i noticed a young bird (4 wks) sort of all puffed up and keeping to it's self and is doing the head jerking motion also. What could it be?
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    might be wry neck, or nutritional deficiency of some sort first thing to do is go get polyvisol WITHOUT Iron and give orally into their beak. Vitamin E gel caps, just the stuff on the inside not the cap itself into their beaks.

    but Also very important check for mites, it could also be northern fowl mites, at which case you need sevin dust, permethrin poultry dust, or something similar and you will need to dust them all and clean up their coop, clean out bedding and dust the whole thing down.

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