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    I have a collection of duck and chicken diapers for sale since I no longer have my duck. I have various sizes for various breeds. These harnesses would be great for indoor play with your ducks/chickens and kids. For when they are inside sick. Or if they are going to be indoor pets they are great too.

    I have a blue, white, and green medium plus. It fits duck breeds- Ancona, Cayuga, Golden Hybird, Golden Cascade, Show Quality Indian Runners, Swedish, smaller Rouens, and White Crested. and Chicken breeds- Amerucana, Ancona, Barnevelder, Naked Neck, New Hampshire Red, Rhode Island, Welsummer, and Wyandotte. This Size will fit ducks and chickens between 4.6-5.9 pounds.

    I have a Green and black large size harness. It is good for Pekin, muscovy, Larger Rouen, Saxony, and Silver Appleyard ducks. And good for Brahma, Cochin, Faverolle, Marin, Cornish, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, and Sussex chickens. Or birds between 6-7.9 pounds.

    I have a small black harness that will fit the following fowl: Mallards, Larger Call ducks, Australian Spotteds, Mini Silver Appleyards, and Black East Indies. This size will fit ducks and chickens between 2-2.9 pounds.

    I also have 2 that a friend made me for my muscovy that I didn't use. They are freshly made and never used. They should fit a muscovy or a pekin or something in similar size.

    I have a red growth harness meant for a duckling that is not yet done growing.

    And finally I have a small week old duckling harness that is good for training your babies to wear the diaper.

    I'm asking 15 dollars each for the adult harnesses and $10 for the red growth harness and $5 for the black and green week old harness

    The money is going to a good cause. My dog needs surgery. Thank you everyone.
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    im sure these are gone given the date but just checking..

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