Chicken ate plastic and lots of it! Should I be concerned?

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  1. Outer Beaks

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    I recently decided to enclose part of our run to make the coop space larger. A friend suggested I wrap it in plastic, which would serve as a nice wind breaker. We live in NC on the coast and don't have to worry about the temp getting much lower than about 29F, and usually stays above freezing. Only problem is, they ate the bleedin' plastic!

    I don't know if it was one of them, all of them, or a few. If it was one, I expect a loss tonight. If it was a few of them, anything I can do to help them pass the plastic? It was clear plastic sheeting.

    Anyone else use this sheeting? Anyone else have this issue? Maybe I didn't get a thick enough plastic?


    Concerned in NC.

    1 Frizzle
    3 Aracaunas
    4 Dominiques
    3 Silkies (Just got these, they're not in the same coop)
  2. jeds chickens

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    Dec 28, 2013
    rural IA
    I watched as one of my chickens scratched up a piece of plastic and gobbled it like it was nothing. I had no problems. It was around a square centimeter piece though. I hope you have no losses.
  3. Outer Beaks

    Outer Beaks Out Of The Brooder

    So far, so good. There's some loose stools, but nothing too concerning. They're all eating and drinking well. Fingers crossed. Anyone else with this experience?

    If you are wrapping your coop, use THICK plastic!

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