chicken attacked and very weak

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    Hello all! New here. Had a hen get attacked by something, idk what, but it left piles of chicken feathers in a few spots. The hen managed to get to the barn but she is terrible weak and hasn't eaten or even drank anything. Hard deep breaths too. I don't want to cull her but will if its humane. Any advice? Thought about bringing her in the house and giving her some chicken smoothie (greens and egg) to see if that helps. Any thoughts or advice would be great.
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    Hi :welcome

    Sorry to hear about your hen :hugs If this has just happened she is probably in shock. Getting her into a crate or box, covered so it's quite dark where she can feel safe just to calm down. She may not want to eat or drink at first but once she has settled offer food and water and have it available for her. Give her a good check over for wounds or blood and clean up if you find any. For more help there is the emergencies section

    Good luck with her, hope she gets better real soon :fl
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