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    Feb 28, 2016
    So we are thinking a raccoon is attacking our chickens. He killed two and injured one (We had to put her down due to her injuries) then somehow managed to come back before we added locks and such a few hours later and tore the wing off of a fourth chicken and tore apart her leg, and injured the leg of a fifth chicken but I think she might pull through.

    My question is, is it best to put missing wing chicken out of her misery or should we try and treat it? She can't walk on the leg that was attacked. She doesn't LOOK like she's in pain but animals are good at hiding that. I fed her some yogurt and she ate it without hesitation, which makes me wonder if we just give her a chance?

    If her leg wasn't damaged I would have an easier time giving her a chance but now I am not so sure how much of a chance she has? Any suggestions on how to fix her if not putting her down? We want to do what;s in her best interest and since she ate the yogurt fine I am at a loss as to how much "pain" she is in.[​IMG]





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    There are a lot of people here who can give you good advice. casportpony comes to mind. Just looking at the pics I`d think she might lose the leg below the injury. Or not if you can get it set (looks broken) and it heals without infection/sepsis. The wing looks like it could heal if dressed and kept from infection. Hey if she`s eating you have to give her a chance, right? Others will have to be watched for picking at her wounds. You might (probably should) separate her.

    It is amazing their powers of tissue regeneration (given the right help and time). I have seen Bag Balm work near miracles for regrowing skin.

    Best of luck. She`s a beautiful bird.
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    To me, this poor girl has some serious injuries. Broken and exposed bones will be very hard to heal and keep free from infection.

    If you have a vet that can see her that would be best.

    Chickens are very stoic about injuries, she may be in shock or internal injuries as well. If you try to save her, she will need to be separated into a clean, dry place all by herself. The wounds will need to flushed with sterile water, saline, betadine or Chlorhexidine. Then a triple antibiotic ointment apply to the wounds. She would most likely also benefit from antibiotic - a vet can give you some very good ones.
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    poor hen! [​IMG], having her leg snapped and her wing ripped off must be immensely painful, even if she hides it well, the only way I would consider trying to save her would be to take her to a vet so that she could have adequate pain relief and the exposed bone treated. She maybe could heal with time and work but I would worry about the pain she would be in until she got better.

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