Chicken avoiding use of leg, falling on side. No sign of injury.


May 16, 2015

First of all sorry if this post in any way goes against how things are usually done on the forum.
I would appreciate any advice on what might be wrong with one of our chickens.
Please see videos below.

Summary: It doesn't seem in pain and I can't find any sign of physical injury on the leg or joints.
The chicken seems to avoid use of the leg but will use it if absolutely necessary.
When laying it rolls somewhat onto the side of the bad leg. So far I have looked at the leg, watched it walk
and looked for any sign as to what is going on and given it yoghurt (hence the white beak).

Please excuse my encouragement of the chicken in the video. I wanted to make sure the videos showed the full
behaviour exhibited.


As you can see from the video above it isn't always clear if something is wrong. In the second video you can see more of the unusual behaviour.


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I would also like to welcome you to BYC. Mareks disease is a virus that can affect chickens who are fairly young. I ti spread in the dust and dander of infected birds or chickens. There are 4 types of Mareks, and most chickens just have one or two symptoms at first. There can be paralysis of 1 or both legs or wings, or the neck. Some will have skin lesions or tumors, while others may have the form that affects the eyes. I really hope your hen has a vitamin deficiency or something other than Mareks. Moldy feed, botulism, and lead poisoning are some of the things that can look like Mareks. Here are some links to read about the disease, and the first one contains a section on illness that look like Mareks:'s_Disease

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