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    Apr 20, 2016
    Hi everyone, It's my first winter with my girls. They are 8 months old and I have just two. On Saturday I noticed that one of them is bald under her tail - when she tips forward to eat I can see her bald belly. The skin is not red or bleeding, just sort of pink and that chicken skin look. I'm worried out of my mind as it's dropping below freezing at night now and I just don't know p what happened. I have observed them closely for a couple of days and both of them are behaving as normal, they don't peck each other or fight, both eating and drinking as normal, walking around etc. The one with the bald tum also sounds like she's whistling today when she makes her "buck buck" noises. I've also had a closer inspection of her bald bit and couldn't see mites, and she has no other bald bits.

    I've got a vet appointment on Wednesday but would appreciate any advice anyone with more experience can give!!
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    Can you post some photos?

    Some hens can have a few bare spots from roosting and laying eggs. Generally there is enough fluff to keep them warm providing that your coop is draft free, but ventilated well.
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    As suggested some photos would be helpful, has your hen been broody lately? Hens will pull out their breast feathers and add them to their nest (the feathers then grow back). I have also seen hens go through rather drastic molts where they lose most of their feathers (however if it is a molt she would be losing feathers all over, not just underneath). Molting occurs in late Summer. If a disease/health issue is the case then she could have Mareks (skin form), this is usually accompanied by larger feather follicles and red skin. Mites can also eat away at the feathers, part the feathers at the stub of the tail and neck, you may see mites on the skin or on feathers. If you see mites you will need to de-mite your chooks and the pen.

    Otherwise it could be the hens themselves pulling out their flock mates feathers - hens pick on other constantly if they are bored or lack protein in their diet. Watch your flock closely for a while each day and see if any of them are bullying each other.

    I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that it is disease/mareks as the other possibilities are more likely. Hope this helps.

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