Chicken bare bum, now bleeding, how to treat?

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    May 6, 2011
    I have 6 chickens, about 6 months old. 5 golden comets and 1 barred rock. It seems that someone is picking on the barred rock, and now she has a bare bum (feathers pecked) and it's bleeding a bit. I think they might be bored, so I'm trying to alleviate that, and increasing their protein in their diet. But, what do I do with the barred rock to help her heal? Do I put some sort of antibiotic on the sore area after I clean her up with warm water? Then I was going to put on some of the Blu-Kote. But I wasn't sure if she needed some sort of antibiotic cream on first? I've been searching and searching around on the forum but can't really find the answer to my question, so I'm sorry if this has probably been addressed millions of times before!

    They are in a 20ft x 5 ft. run, not free range. They get layer pellets and scratch as a treat (and I put out grit). And we give them food scraps. I just got them some BOSS, and I'm going to hang a cabbage to play/peck at. I was also going to try giving them some yogurt. I've checked for mites and I don't see anything, and she is the only one who is affected, so I'm thinking it's the bullying??

    These are my first chickens, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as I'm just not sure what to do! Thanks for the help and advice.
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    Isolate her from the others till she stops bleeding to ward off violence. Apply tribiotic cream if she needs it. I'll bet she will be fine.

    Then, check to see who the bully might be. Isolate her for several days and that might bring her down a notch in the pecking order. If it doesn't - I know it sounds cruel - but apply a small plastic anti-pick bit to cure her of the bad habit. She'll still be able to eat and drink, but picking feathers won't be any fun. After awhile you can remove it and see if she's reformed. I have a gal that is getting the same treatment.
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    I have an EE that they did the same thing to. Though never any bleeding just feather pulling. At just over 1 year old, she has a bare butt. At first I put blue kot on it. Seemed to help, occasionally if I see someone pecking her, I'll put more blue kot on.


    Thats her on the left next to the silkie. After this pic, I noticed the culprit (brown leghorn) pecking at her so I put more blue kot on. Now picture her with several purplish spots (it rained). She is fine though.

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