Chicken being attacked by others in flock

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  1. nodell111

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    Feb 3, 2012
    Hi everyone i noticed yesterday that my 5 month old easter egger was being attacked by other chickens in the flock, one of my chickens was sitting on her and then she started to peck the chicken she was sitting on. I then saw all my other chickens except for my smallest silkie started pecking her also this morning my mom went out to let them out of the coop and saw some blood on my easter egger. Does anyone know why this is happening i have not had problems like this in the past, could it have to do with my chickens starting to lay eggs? Thanks.
  2. Scooter&Suzie

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    Jun 23, 2011
    Just sounds like an aggressive pecking order thing to me. If there is blood, the chickens are even more likely to peck, so I would recommend that you move your hen until the blood is gone, or try to cover it up. I've heard of chickens being pecked to death, after there was blood, so keep a close eye on them.

    Anyone else have an idea?
  3. NovaAman

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    Put her and the silkie together... SO she's not alone. Do you have enough space? Is she ill?

    Pecking usually occurs that badly when there is boredum. The other chickens will pick the lowest on the totem pole and single it out. Is she the youngest? Well, anyway, Treat the wounds, and them blu kote them to deter more pecking. Give her a protected area, and provide extra feed/water stations so she can eat in peace. If you can isolate her along with the silkie, I'd do that...
  4. nodell111

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    Feb 3, 2012

    No she isnt the youngest and she has lots of space whats a blu kote? i'll try and do what you suggested thanks
  5. polishchickens111

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Blu Kote is a dye, I believe, that can be put around the area to make everything less red and peckable. I might have some around, ask me later.

    You can borrow the chick pen if you need to, you can stick her and whichever Silkie in it for a couple nights.

    Oh, and the boredom thing is correct also. Give them some treats or let them out. Try hanging an apple just barely out of reach, usually you do this with cabbage, but mine loathe cabbage. Then again, you have weird tomato-hating chickens, so try a couple different things.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    blukote is a spray on antiseptic that is colored a deep violet color. When you spray it on a wound, it medicates it AND disguises it for a day or so so that the red doesn't attract the others.

    As for the pecking... I understand that usually there is a "ring leader" - a bird that starts the pecking and then the rest follow suit. Remove the ring leader from the flock for a week or so and let them re-establish their order THEN re-introduce her and see if that doesn't help.
  7. Tenderft chick

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Couple things I have seen is could be the boredom, or just the top chicken asserting their authority and the others following suit, but I see a lot in birds if there is a sick one all the rest will attack as a sick bird can attract predators (in the wild), hence birds will tend to "hide" their illness until they can't anymore, which is a reason sometimes you will come out and find a VERY sick bird all the sudden. They have actually been sick awhile but have hidden it so they don't get attacked or attract the wrong attention.

    I would isolate the bird or put with the other one that wasn't attacking and see what happens, any symptoms you can see? Really observe this one and see what happens.

    My DH is taking care of our birds right now and he isn't always the most observant or doesn't tell me, so like 2 weeks ago I finally got to see our flock of 4 and one wasn't walking(DH- Oh I saw that a couple days ago.....)(sigh [​IMG] we can only do what we can do) When I go out I try to really watch and if ANYTHING seems off I keep an eye out. Have had birds(cockatiels) and chickens now for over 20 years.

    If you don't see anything wrong - tail feathers down, not eating, etc then investigate further.
  8. seminolewind

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    Sep 6, 2007
    spring hill, florida
    Yea I would take the ring leader out for a few weeks. Might bring her down a peg or two. Or a roo could help.
  9. SpeckledHills

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    May 25, 2008
    When you have problems like this in a flock, you can put some obstacles around to help out chickens that are getting picked on too much. These give the chickens something to hide behind, jump onto and run around while evading attacks from other chickens.

    ***Always be sure no blocked-off or dead-end areas are created where any chicken could get cornered.***

    Sacks of feed, buckets, additional perches, trash cans, etc. can be useful.

    Window frames (with either glass or wire in the middle) leaned against things can also be excellent for a flee-er to run behind and be protected yet be able to keep track of aggressor's travels. Window frames are even better if you can nail them so they are stand vertically and are at 90 degree angle to the wall. Then a fleeing chicken can also have the option to jump up and perch on the top edge to escape, and pursuer can't immediately chase her if she jumps down on the opposite side.

    Lower-ranking chickens also appreciate shadowy, cluttered areas where they can hang out and not be noticed as much.

    It helps to put food & water in some of these areas so less-dominant chickens still get plenty to eat and drink.
  10. Lin20

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    May 19, 2015
    Brisbane, Australia
    That's good info for my future reference. Thanks!

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