Chicken being picked on


Feb 9, 2021
I have a leg horn that got sick and I had to keep her isolated for several days. She is doing better now but several of the other chickens are being terrible to her. They have a coop with top and bottom levels and a decent size run. I have 9 chickens. They are out of the run when I am home and she isolates herself from them a lot when they are out. When they are locked up she moslty stays in the coop. I am off for the summer but will be going back to work soona dn they will be licked up during the day. I am aftraid she will sit in the coop all day long and not eat or drink. And it will get way too hot in the coop for her. Any ideas on how I can help get them to accept her. I think there are about 3 that go after her but she is terrified. She will start to come out and only come down the ramp a little bit. if they get close she runs like a fox is going after her. She is VERY fearful.
There are few health issues requiring separation of a chicken from the flock. It's always best to leave the chicken with the flock when at all possible because of reintro problems. She's been away and now is a stranger.

Her self confidence has eroded, and you now need to help her get it back. Hopefully, you have more than just a couple of days before you need to return to work as this could take a few weeks.

Here is my article on rehabilitating a bullying victim. It always works, but it does require time and dedication.
I was giving her meds in her water that I didn't want the other chickens having so I had to keep her in a different small coop I have. I feel so bad for her. I have 2 weeks before I go back. I need to expand the tub to do this but we were thinking of expanding it anyway

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