Chicken being weird?

Chick whisper

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5 Years
Jul 23, 2014
So about a week ago I noticed one of my RIR's being very weird.she would go to the roost a lot earlier than everyone and would stay in the roost longer too. She is also very agitated at the younger chicks who moved in a few weeks ago. She also keeps on getting a very poopy butt and no matter how many times I clipped it the next day it's always poopy again. Then today I realized that she is just laying down outside under the tree. She still eats a little and still came to the treats I give them but she is just being very weird. Any help???
She sounds stressed. She is probaly trying to get away from the younger chickens becuase she may just not like younger chickens. Pooppy butt can be a sign of stress which can cause pasty butt. But most likely she is just agitated at your new chickens, she will get used to them.

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