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Jun 5, 2016
I've been a BYC stalker for a while, but now that I've seen this thread I had to join. Serama are my FAVORITE breed of the few that I have. I only have a trio, and now 3 babies hatched from a first time broody.
And of my trio, one gal is of course the broody that just hatched, one is a pullet that was thrown in on some Polish I bought and I have no idea how old she is (her comb has just started turning red in the last month) but I found the cutest little egg in the grow out/juvie coop today and there is only her and one other pullet it could have been from. But I caught a juvie Polish boy 'attempting' to breed her a couple of times so hope she's the one starting to lay ♡


The teeny egg on the right (the others are Silkie and bantam for comparison)
Thank u all for your input. I knew she probably wasn't serama, but she doesn't carry herself like an OEGB either..but I agree, tthat's probably what she must be. The golden sebright I got at the same time crowed for the first time this week..adorable ! And now after looking at all the gorgeous pics of your seramas..u all have me hooked on yet ANOTHER breed, lol..hope to get some from u all as soon as big coop done...grrrrr, lol


Jun 11, 2015
Hands down, seramas are one of the best chicken breeds. They have awesome personalities and come in so many colors. I have several, including a frizzled and just hatched out 2 serama/cochin chicks since a bantam cochin hen was adopted by the group after her flock mates were killed.

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