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    Is this vent gleet my chicken has [​IMG]? And when i went out there this morning to pooper scoop i found some with what looked like blood in and on it [​IMG]. Poor girl her bottom is also featherless and red looking. Is it a good idea for me to wash her in the tub and then keep her in our extra large dog crate trainer inside the house for a while? Not sure what else to do with her.


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    I have posted about the same thing. I did bring mine in a wash her up to remove everything and all the feathers that things were geting caught on. She does not smell bad at all. I am now checking out about her having worms.
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    Wow, Chickens can be just as much work as my 4 dogs (one with an ear infection now).[​IMG]
  4. The Hen

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    I found this article and am going to try this. Looks pretty good. in the search box type
    Vent Gleet aka Nasty Chicken Butt.
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    Well going to try this chicken bath and epsom salt thing. Can't wait [​IMG]
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    I was just thinking that!
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    Glad you found that article. My chicken had vent Gleet and I flushed her with molasses and it works great also.
  8. seminolewind

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    Cut the dirty feathers out. They are just going to get dirty again, and without the dirty fleather back there, more treatment will get to the target site.
  9. The Hen

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    Thanks. Was wondering if could cut them. Checked her out today and it's all nasty back there again. Poor girl. Just don't know what to do for her. A couple others have dirty bottoms too, but not so much. These ladies are what i received from a friend so thinking it is stress from moving and new food.

    when cutting the feathers all i have to do is cut them like i would hair. i don't need to cut them any certain way, correct? Thanks.
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    Dec 5, 2012
    Something I posted in response to a previous gleet question:

    "Does your chicken exhibit any other symptoms besides a dirty butt? Are the droppings unusually smelly (as compared to "normal" chicken pooh [​IMG]), loss of energy, reddened vent, thirsty more than hungry, white sores around the vent, or sour smelling breath/mouth?

    If several of these symptoms are also present, I'm leaning towards possible vent gleet. If gleet is suspected, dose w/ half an ounce of castor oil (can get @ CVS, Walgreens, etc.) daily x 2 days to induce a laxative effect (to purge digestive tract), trim and clean vent area and treat said area w/ a sulfur powder puff (old sock filled w/ plant grade sulfur, available at any garden center ~ its an antifungal agent) and/or Monistat or Tinactin cream. After the castor oil treatment is over, get some Activia yogurt and feed @ least 1T daily for a week to help reestablish the proper digestive balance of bacteria. Also be sure to acidify her water w/ ACV. Again, all this is if you think it could be gleet.

    As w/ any advice, take w/ a grain of salt and use your best judgement when taking a course of action."

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